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This is a Ukrainian Warrior. He defends his land and gives hope for a peaceful future for the whole world.

Roman defended the sea borders of Ukraine. On the first day of the war, he gave a decent response to the flagship cruiser of the Russian Black Sea Fleet's offer to surrender. Influential European politicians repeated Roman's famous phrase in their speeches.

On April 14, that very cruiser "Moscow" was destroyed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Sapper Vitaly at the cost of his life stopped a huge tank column of invaders. He mined the Henichesk road bridge, but due to the rapid advance of the enemy did not have time to retreat to the shelter. So he decided to blow up the explosives just on the bridge manually. Vitaly informed his brother-in-arms about his decision, then there was an explosion.

Serhiy was a manager in peacetime. And during the war, he shot down a Russian Su-35 fighter with an accurate shot of a mobile anti-aircraft system.

There are tens of thousands of them. Enemies are afraid of them. The whole Ukraine believes in them, the whole world admires them. Warriors of light. Our strength. Our armor.

Our love!


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