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Pin "Farmer"

When tractor troops enter the game, the Ukrainian army is replenished with new trophies

Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24, just before the beginning of spring. But they did not know that in the spring in Ukraine farmers are beginning to actively go out into the fields and no one can stop them.

This year, more work has been added for them - in addition to sowing grain, they take military equipment from the occupiers and give it to the Armed Forces. Because everything will come in handy on the farm, and so will the tank. That's what they were called - the tractor troops of Ukraine.

Навіть, українські розробники, які надихнулись мужністю аграріїв, створили комп’ютерну гру, яка називається FARMERS STEALING TANKS. Проєкт покликаний зібрати кошти для українських дітей, які постраждали через російську агресію проти України.


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