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"Ghost of Kyiv" is an urban legend about a Ukrainian military pilot-ace, who shot down 6 Russian planes on the MiG-29 of the Air Force of Ukraine in February 2022 in just the first 30 hours since the beginning of the Russian invasion in the battles for Kyiv.

No source or detail was given, but the image of the hero-defender became very popular.

In the memes, he appears as a real hero who incognito protects the city from invaders. Artists paint him, women call the pilot their crush.

То хто ж такий привид Києва? Швидше, це збірний образ пілотів 40-ї бригади тактичної авіації Повітряних сил України, які захищають небо столиці. Які раптово з’являються там, де їх не

And although these men are not known to the general public, they are absolutely real.


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