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Pin "Prapor"

There is no country now that does not know the blue and yellow flag of Ukraine. After the Russian attack, our flag became a symbol of freedom and resilience for the whole world: from Los Angeles to Tokyo.
Officially, the Ukrainian flag is only 30 years old, but it has been a symbol of Ukrainians' struggle for freedom for hundreds of years. There were times when the national flag was held only underground, and its use was punishable by imprisonment.
Today, he is waving around the world, showing solidarity in Ukraine's struggle against the Russian aggressor.
The gates of heroes in Austria, dozens of monuments in Ireland, the most famous skyscraper in New York are highlighted with the colors of the flag of Ukraine ...
It is taken up at rallies, painted on walls, put on avatars ...
Armed Forces soldiers carry it near their hearts on a small piece of paper, painted by a child's hand and depicting a blue and yellow faith in victory.


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