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He is a Volunteer. He has a big heart, thousands of phone numbers in the phone book and the phrase "Yes, I can" at every request of those who need help.
On February 24, when Russia insidiously attacked Ukraine, millions of concerned people at home and abroad joined a powerful volunteer movement.
They are helping the Ukrainian army defeat the enemy. Weave camouflage nets, prepare delicious meals for soldiers, and buy protective equipment.
Our fighters joke: "Ask volunteers to get a mammoth, they will bring it to you in half an hour."
During the war, volunteers dismantled the rubble of destroyed buildings, rescued animals from bombed shelters and zoos, evacuated civilians from the war zone, set up housing for displaced persons, and delivered humanitarian aid to occupied towns and villages.
They barely rest. They risk their lives. Sometimes ... they die. But despite the difficult times and dangers, volunteers are there where they are most needed every day .


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